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Rule #7 Imitation is NOT the best form of flattery.

The same connotation that the term “There’s nothing worse than a rat” has in movies, rings true when it comes to startups dealing with copycats. These days with all the pressures of being “innovative” or of simply choosing to be being an entrepreneur as the obvious lifestyle choice of a millennial (which its not), there’s always a temptation to copy/paste someone else’s idea just to get ahead. DON’T!… Doing that is as bad as snitching, and you know what happens to snitches.

Respect someone else’s originality, and all the hard work that’s gone into it, just as you’d like them to respect yours. And if you're still hell bent on being an unimaginative uncreative a**hole then at least give them a good fighting chance to either fail or succeed before you go biting their style.

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