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The Mobile Application “GetMuv” is Now Available in The Kingdom!

Fitness and sports practices have generally been restricted to traditional fitness club members, who have to pay long-term subscriptions for the use of these facilities. However, this indication had been changed after the mobile application Getmuv that was launched recently by Young Saudi entrepreneurs.

This mobile application is an innovative application and platform for fitness and sports across the Kingdom which assists men, women and even children to attend any swimming, cross fit, horseback riding, yoga and many other fitness classes without the need of having a membership in any health clubs.

GetMuv provides people the access to fitness halls very easily by only paying the value of the training sessions through a variety of payment methods such as Cash on arrival, credit cards, Sadad or through the rechargeable wallet in Getmuv App.

"The idea of ​​the project started with me suffering from practising different sports with my daughters because of the limited choices and difficulty in getting in or out. Hence the big question started, why can’t I practice sports or exercise at any time," said Ali Scheneamer, founding partner of GetMuv.

He also added, “The founding team began to study the idea more widely through research and reports. This coincided with the launch of the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, which was one of its most important goals to raise the proportion of sports in the community, which is not more than 13% today, according to an extensive study of the General Authority for Sport”.

On the other hand, The GetMuv application will also be a great opportunity for small club owners and personal coaches to reach individuals easily without any operational requirements from their sides. Besides, it will allow trainers to join the list of partners and be able to showcase their fields and services to gain wider audience throughout the marketing campaigns that are done for the application.

Get it here at :

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